Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Last Post in Sweden

Well, my friends, today i will not present you new pictures (also because i don't have any good ones).
Today i came to say goodbye. Goodbye to Sweden, Goodbye to Växjö, Goodbye to Växjö University, Goodbye to this campus, Goodbye to my friends.
This were the best 5 months of my life. A real awesome experience. So many things learned, so many things lived.
So, for last post here, in my apartment, in Sweden, i just say a big THANK YOU my friends from different countries, for everything you did for this great time. A big THANK YOU to my friends at home, because i know they didn't forgot about me, and because they tried to always keep in touch trough the months. And a even bigger THANK YOU for my family, they that makd this possible, that encouraged me to come, that said to enjoy myself, to take the best from the best, to build myself and specially to grow; them, from whom i get all the support, again, THANKS.
I love you all.
Good bye my friends, an era as ended. We will meet soon.

And, like i said before, i close the blog at the end of my experience. I will go home and i will live the results. For sure they will be good. If i can i will make some additions, but this is the official ending ceremony.

My memories will now start to work, because i will never forget this. My dream has been fulfilled.

Tack Tack
Vi ses min compis
Hej da!

Monday, June 4, 2007

The end is near

Today i come here to express my frustration.
I don't know what the fuck should i feel. Happiness because i'm almost going home to see my dear friends and my family or sadness because i'm leaving this beautiful place, a place where i meet lots of new people and where i made some good friends?

I can say, like the Mexican Donovan once said to me, "Man, i had the time of my life!" so you can understand why i don't want to go. And the friends, they will not live across campus any more. Now it will be thousands of Kilometres in one direction, in a different country, doing other stuff and it will be very difficult to meet them again when i feel like it.

This is really difficult. This 5 months for me were the best. Magical. Amazing. I wish i could live like this forever. I think i will be in a depression mood for some time. :(

My friends. I hope to see you all again really soon. As soon as possible. At least we have to try.


Well my friends, i know i did not say anything for a while but it was for a good reason. I was working and when i wasn't working i was having fun. So here you have a couple of pics from the most happy moments.
During the week of 8 to 13 of May, a big festival was held in campus. It is called the Allkår.
The major parties during this week was the Skumfest (foam party) and the grisfest (Pig Party).
In the pre party and then the real foam party

In the Pig Party

Friday, May 4, 2007


Well my friends, hello again.
Since my last post I travelled a lot, do a lot of shit and other stuff.
I went in the Boat trip called "Sea Battle" to Tallin, I went to visit a Moose Park and the very well known glass factories from Smaland, I went to Joana's Birthday Party, I did a trip to Poland (Krakow and Auschwitz) and finally, today, I went to Göteborg for an interview.

It was a awesome month, full of fun, parties, trips and happiness. But, as you can see I am really not in a mood to write a lot of things so i will just post some major pictures from all of the events. (see below)
If you want more pictures posted here or if you want a more detailed description, just ask. But not today. Sorry. You understand, everybody has a day like this :P


P.S.- I'm still waiting for some photos, postcards, gifts to put on my bedroom wall. Until now i only received some pictures from a friends. The rest of you are failing me. come on. What's up??

Interview in Göteborg for Maersk

Monday, April 30, 2007

Visit to Auschwitz (Krakow)

And this last it's in Krakow

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Joana's Birthday

Friday, April 20, 2007

Moose and Glasswork Trip

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sea Battle and Tallin

Friday, April 13, 2007

Trip to Kobenhavn

Well, last weekend we took the change to spend the Easter Holiday between family. So i decided to take myself, my brother and my father, my friends Marcelo and Joana to Copenhagen and meet with my Danish Family. We didn't saw each other for about 10 or 11 years. It was a very, very, VERY good time. I really enjoyed the time i spend walking trough the city with my Aunt Grete and the time i spent in my Cousin Leninha's House. I also had the chance to meet my cousins daughters, that i didn't saw since they were babies.
We got the chance to experiment some Danish food that Leninha and Ulrik (her husband) prepared for us. And we didn't ride their horses only because it was raining. But next time we will =D
Thanks for everything Aunt Grete and Cousin Leninha.
Thanks to Ulrik, Ditte, Johanna and little Viktor, that spent time with us to.
Love you all

Now, some pictures of the trip.

Friday's Barbeque

Well, last Friday the people had a barbeque in Lyan 61, 2nd floor.
We had a good time, we catch some sun that helped to our tan and some played a little bit of Poker.

Here are some pics. This will be quick because they are waiting for me in today's barbeque ;p
Växjö is a really good place to have fun. Just don't forget to have here some friends ;)

Family and Friend Visit

Well my friends, since Wednesday night, the 4th of April, i had a guest. Marcelo is my friend from the old days where i was in IST, another university. Using his words to describe his journey i can say "Very very cool. it's a shame i could stay for more time." As you can see, Sweden, Växjö and all the people here can make a big difference in someone's life.
Also, since Thursday, the 5th of April, my father and my "little" brother visited me. It was a really good reunion. It was very good to have them here for a couple of days.

They are all gone now, unfortunately, but the memories of the good times we spent still remain.
Here are some pics so you can know them.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Help Me

Well my friends, taking the idea of a friend (thanks Rute) i will ask you to help me.
Here in Växjö, the new trend is to design your own room walls and fill them with everything, like photos of friends, places, family, postcards, flags, etc... you get the picture.
This are my room walls:

As you can see, they are really clean, without any kind of postcard, photo or something like it. (except for the hockey jersey i bouth in my first hockey match ever).

I think you already figure it out, right?
SO, what i want you to please do, is send me something so to putt on the wall so i can start to make them more cheerful and trendy =D

You just have to send it to :

Ricardo Teixeira
Stallvägen 30:008
352 56 Växjö

(or in case you are here in Växjö with me, just give it to me in person :)

In the end i will post more pictures for you to see how they look like after everything.
I'm counting with you guys, i know you will not let me down =)

Kisses and Hugs

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Culture Medley - 24.03.2007

Well, for the people that doesn't know what is this, it's an event were teams from different countries join to show the visitors a little bit of their culture, specially gastronomical culture.

The Portuguese team joined up and decided to prepare one main dish and a dessert. We choose to do "Meia desfeita" and "baba de Camelo". Every one that taste it said it was great =D so congratulations to the chefs, Migalhas and Ricardo for the main dish and Joana for the dessert. I also want to congratulate the rest of the team for a work well done, Miguel (that also helped with the end part of the main dish and for the music) and Johanna, for the excellent work with the embassy for pictures and brochures and everything else =)
Thank you all. =)

Here are some pictures for you to envy :p eheheh

(i will update this photo part as soon as i get more pictures)

I also want to say thanks and to congratulate the other participating countries (Greece, Northern Ireland, Spain, Turkey, South Korea, Germany, Poland, Canada, Mexico and Bulgaria) for the excellent food and for the entertainment part they prepared.

Once more, a day of sharing, a day of knowledge, a day of discovery.
Just one more day to remember.

Monday, March 19, 2007

My Last Month

Well my friend. I'm here again. Don't fear. :) I'm alive and kicking.
The reason that made me not write in this blog was the never ending papers to write (3 in 2 weeks), and really hard papers, and the monotony of the last days.
There is no party happening, there is no trip to go. Just the normal nights in campus bars. Nothing more.

I have some more photos to show you. They were taken on the 17th of February. The party were I celebrate my birthday. It was crazy. Really nice party. And I still miss the photos from the carnival party. If you are reading this and you have some of them, send them to me next time you see me. Thanks.

Here are the pictures from that nights party

Well, you can understand it was really funny =) (i have some movies, but i show them to you personally next time =)

The next set of photos were taken in the Ice hockey game I went to watch. It was Växjö Lakers vs Bosford Bobcats

Well, since that game I don't have any good photos. I will try to have new ones next time I post. We are planning to go to Malmö next Wednesday so I will try to take some.
I hope you have enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed participate in them.

For you Portuguese friends and Colleagues, Muitas Saudades ;)